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Product Cost Management

We are a Smart Specialist Partner for Siemens Industri Software and for the Teamcenter Product Cost Management Application in the Nordic region.

Product Cost Management

Benefits with Teamcenter Product Cost Management

Teamcenter PCM is used by companies all over the world and in most industries. With Teamcenter PCM you can get control of Target – Costing, Design-to-Cost, Should Costing, Value Engineering and Tooling.

There is also Profitability functionality in Teamcenter PCM, which provides support for visualization and scenario analysis. With the Profitability module, you get control of your programs/projects, so that you reach your margins and EBITDA goals.

PCM categories

Product Costing


Profitability Calculation

Purchase Price Analysis

Quotation Costing

Target Costing

Tool Costing

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