Are you Prepared for The Next Major Disruption in Global Electronics?

In today’s complex and ever-changing ecosystem, digital transformation is no longer an option. From the chip shortages of recent years to the ever-increasing demand for electronics components, growing complexity in product designs, and countless other risk factors, today’s supply chains need every edge they can get. 

To remain competitive in this global landscape, today’s electronics enterprises must leverage external intelligence to understand and better anticipate shifts in component availability, pricing, and lifecycle status. What has long been a reactive industry must now become a proactive one. 

Transforming Global Activity into Actionable Insights

It all starts with our global Design-to-Source Intelligence (DSI) Network, which includes over 12 million sourcing and engineering professionals, 70+ media properties, and 1 billion+ searchable part attributes across a growing database of over 600 million components. 

Our proprietary DSI Platform analyzes billions of these real-time signals surrounding supply, demand, risk, and intent daily, transforming them into actionable insights for our customers. 

These insights combine with purpose-built capabilities within Supplyframe’s industry-leading DSI solutions, accelerating digital transformation, collaboration, and cost-savings across all verticals of the electronics value chain.

Intelligence For What’s Next

Supplyframe’s solutions are purpose-built for the unique needs of the electronics industry, with critical features that enable smarter decision-making from the beginning of the product lifecycle: 

  • Outside-in Intelligence – View market intelligence on component pricing, lead times, and obsolescence with a single click. 
  • Collaborative Capabilities – Break down silos and work across teams within a single platform with change tracking and in-solution messaging. 
  • AI-Powered Insights – View key insights on specific electronics commodities with AI-enabled insights powered by Supplyframe Commodity IQ. 
  • Risk Analysis – Identify high-risk components on your BOM and view recommended alternatives that match form, fit, and function. 
  • Seamless Automation – Streamline BOM validation and quoting to give your teams their time back. 

Supplyframe is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with global offices in Austin, Belgrade, Grenoble, Oxfordshire, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. To learn more, visit and follow us on Linked, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to stay in the know!

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