Manage product costs with Cost Orchestration discipline

Increasing profitability by reducing costs

ET Advisory is unique in the market in orchestrating ACPE in complex manufacturing. We have developed a ACPE methodology that balances organization, processes and methodologies.

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We mitigate risk and have ability to handle the global economy and trends when market going up and down.

Rich experience in Cost Orchestration

The key to success is doing the Cost Orchestration quickly and efficiently.

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We have a very strong business network that is tight connected to us. This gives us unique flexibility and a strong position to manage our ecosystem.

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Challenges in today's industries

The Macro environment that many of our customers operate under is brutal.

  • Global competition is fierce
  • Move to sustainability and manufacturing e-friendly products is straining product cost efficiencies
  • Keeping pace with the 6-12 month new competitive model releases is challenging product costs
  • Adapting correct cost orchestration to economies of scale, cheaper markets, AI and robotics is challenging
  • Manufacturing is highly sensitive to volatility in the economy

A more holistic approach

These change drivers in the highly complex macro environment create two pains that manufacture wrestle with today.

  • Enormous strain on costs, profitability, and cash flow to stay competitive. 

  • Urgency to resolve and adjust quickly or risk extinction or acquisition.

Traditional cost management and engineering are not enough in this highly complex and challenging environment. It requires a more holistic approach what we call the Cost Orchestration Discipline. The 4 corner stones of cost orchestration are ACPE – Assess, Create, Plan, and Execute. The key to success is doing this quickly and efficiently. Read more below what options you have to solve this and how ET can advise.

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With knowledge in Product Cost Mangement, we have developed our ACPE methodology that takes a systematic approach that balances organization, processes, and methodologies with the optimal software solution to close the cost trap.

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Cost Orchestration Discipline

Cost Orchestration is key to staying competitive in today’s disruptive world. Innovation and orchestrating costs are two key factors to stay competitive in manufacturing. Product Cost Management is more important than ever.

Product Cost Management

AI & Supplier Insights: Building Resilience & Opportunity

In 2021, procurement teams must find ways to optimize category costs, drive innovation, raise resilience and embrace sustainability. To protect business health and market share, supplier competition is critical. Yet many still struggle to identify optimal supply markets, and so access innovation or cost opportunities.

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