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The team behind ET Advisory

ET Advisory is a modern and innovative company, from all perspectives. Therefore, we decided to build up a very strong business network, tight connected to us, rather than hire a large workforce. This gives unique flexibility and a strong position to manage our ecosystem. We also mitigate risk and have ability to handle the global economy and trends when market going up and down.

Our Extended business team is the best of the best. They have over +20 years’ experience within their fields.

Our Team

Tony Bergström

Founder & Managing Partner

Tony is the former Head of Sales of Siemens Industry Software for Simulation and Manufacturing Operation Management (MOM) and developed the Portfolio developer (PFD) for Nordics. Solid leadership and sales background have built and led large successful teams with a focus on sales, and digital transformations. Signed multiple Megadeals in various Industries with Global and Multinational companies (such as Electrolux, Alfa Laval, Atlas Copco, Assa Abloy). Numerous awards in Sales and leadership, innovation within Sales in terms of Processes and methods. A member of Siemens Industry Software Industry Nordics Management team for many years.

Former Police officer in the Swedish Police Force, held many different positions.

Tony is the founder and managing Partner of ET Advisory.

Our Team

Sofie Wendt

CS Lead & Sr. Marketing Manager

Sofie Wendt has several years of experience and a proven track record in the field of project and client management. Her strong background in growth companies has provided her with valuable insights and expertise in navigating the unique challenges and opportunities within the business landscape. Sofie specializes in complex B2B sales and communication within the SaaS field.

Throughout her career, Sofie has demonstrated her ability to lead successful projects and cultivate strong client relationships, consistently delivering positive outcomes. With her keen understanding of client needs and proactive approach to communication, she builds trust and fosters long-lasting partnerships.

Our Team

Eva Bergström


Eva has a long experience as a self-employed person and franchise owner of two Mio stores in Stockholm. Her journey as a store owner has equipped her with significant expertise in leading sales teams, monitoring business statistics, and effectively organizing operations. During her franchisee tenure at Mio, she actively engaged in various training programs focusing on finance, human resources, and strategic planning. Her educational background is further strengthened by a course in Business Management from IHM.

In her current role as the CFO at ET Advisory, Eva plays a pivotal role in structuring and guiding the business in collaboration with her team. She works closely with the Board and CEO to craft and refine strategies for the company’s future. Her strategic planning encompasses both short-term objectives and long-term visions.

Our Team

Malin Larsson

Customer Success Manager

Malin has several years of experience in sales, IT, and finance with a well-proven track record. She has a strong background in driving and developing client success, and possesses multi-level skills in managing client projects. Her experience in IT and finance has endowed her with robust analytical capabilities, enabling her to navigate challenges and opportunities in both B2B and B2C business environments.

Malin’s customer service experience has instilled in her a deep commitment to customer satisfaction and success. Her comprehensive skill set, combined with her passion for helping customers succeed, makes her perfectly suited for a role in customer success management.

Our Team

Branislav Roman

Senior Costing Specialist

Branislav has, for almost a decade, been responsible for introducing the Teamcenter Product Cost Management portfolio in various countries across Europe. With his passion, he has inspired others to embrace digital transformation in calculations. Drawing from his experience in multiple manufacturing companies and his financial background, he has successfully trained and developed people from various regions and industries.

Our Team

Dalibor Lukša

Senior Costing Specialist

Dalibor has been working in the field of project and system engineering, utilizing modern information technologies since 2013. His technical background is founded on a thorough understanding of business processes, ranging from product design through manufacturing and purchasing, to economic evaluation.

Recognizing this critical chain and the integration of people within the company is key to designing the right concept for costing and pricing. For this purpose, Dalibor demonstrates software solutions such as TcPCM, Supplyframe, and NLPP.

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