Tool Costing

Due to margin pressure, tool costs are an important foundation for the success of products, both in the quotation of costs and in the purchase price analysis of tools. It is important to have detailed and reliable information on tool costs early in product development.

With Teamcenter tool costing, you can create valid tool cost calculations faster, with detailed cost breakdowns. Part geometry can be described manually or using feature recognition software (NX Feature2Cost).

Teamcenter tool costing enables a parametric calculation of various tool technologies such as injection molding, high pressure die casting and progressive die stamping. The integrated knowledge database includes reference data such as labor costs, materials, machines and processes, as well as an integrated process times, ensuring an enterprise-wide consistent calculation standard.

Tool costing enables you to create valid tool cost calculations in less time, with detailed cost breakdowns. Read below to learn more

Tool Purchase Price Analysis

For the tasks within the purchase price analysis, cost engineers can use the Teamcenter solution for tool costing to do shadow calculations as a plausibility check on the calculations of their suppliers. They can use Teamcenter tool costing information such as technology data, part descriptions or 3D-data to create cost calculations using the parametric methodology.


Tool Quotation Costing

The quoting process for tooling must be reliable and inexpensive, with precise tool calculations and transparent cost breakdowns in a short time frame. The parametric calculation methodology in Teamcenter tool costing enables an optimum balance between accuracy and time-based calculation effort.