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Why ET Advisory

We help you balance your organization process and methodology.

Transform your business with Cost Orchestration

Our mission is to empower and develop professionals and companies that contribute to the greater good of the world and to become world-class at what they do. 

Product Cost Management is the key to staying competitive in today’s disruptive world. Innovation and managing costs are key factors to staying ahead in product cost management and manufacturing. When facing a more unruly component market and increased sustainability legislations, the solutions for higher profitability lie in a new approach to managing costs. 

The big challenge with product cost management is that it is often viewed from one perspective, the reasoning is often that reductions can be found in one place alone and the persons involved work in silos. It’s rather by looking at all perspectives and having a holistic perspective to managing costs that brings impactful cost reductions. That is what Cost Orchestration enables.

Growth is good, but without profit it’s useless. With our unique methods and tools, we’ll give you back control of your profit. Our consultants will take you from A-Z, from analysis to implementation. And we’ll never leave you with a PowerPoint in your hand, we’ll put our words into action. 

We’ll save you time, achieve product cost reduction, and significantly reduce your co2 emissions through our unique methodology.

Our story – How to manage complex cost drivers and understand profitability

Cost Orchestration discipline increases your chances to manage product cost projects with less investment and increased profitability. This will be even more important given the current challenging economic landscape. Companies will need to downsize teams and cut investments whilst still under pressure to grow top-line profitability.

Our Cost Orchestration methodology is built around a systematic approach. Through it, your Product Cost Management will become an asset for growth and will continuously reveal new areas for improvement. It is with this knowledge in mind that our methodology was developed: A systematic approach that balances organization, processes, and methodologies with the optimal software solution to close the cost trap.

Why Cost Orchestration is crucial to your business

The challenge you often face is that there are only a few in your organization that manage product costs. They often lack the bandwidth to be involved in multiple cost projects or programs. The result is either product cost-saving opportunities being left unaddressed or less qualified teams being assigned to orchestrate these product cost projects, which increases the risk of low profitability.

Product cost and direct material represent your largest profitability opportunities. Often a handful of your suppliers generates over 70% of your cost. Fact-based negotiation and retaining these suppliers generate top-line growth. If you are a scaling business a handful of Cost Orchestrators can transform your business.

What options do you have to address Cost Orchestration?

You can do it yourself with current resources

The challenges we observe are that many companies don’t have know-how in-house to orchestrate costs and lack the bandwidth to be involved in multiple product cost projects. 

Recruit Cost Orchestrators

A viable option if you can find talent that masters Cost Orchestration. We observe that this is a scarce resource. The second challenge is recruiting, onboard, and getting them fully operational is time-consuming. If you get the recruitment wrong, you lose even more time which can be fatal given the urgency to orchestrate costs to be competitive.

Buy components of Cost Orchestration and put it together yourself

Another option is to buy different components of Cost Orchestration, for example, Cost Engineering, Internal Costing, Technology cost models, target pricing, how to find new suppliers and the put it all together yourself in a Cost Orchestration discipline. What we observe is that companies struggle to create a cohesive orchestration discipline. 

Buy and Adopt

If you are struggling with options 1-3, your fourth option is to invest in “Cost Orchestration” as a service or invest in cost orchestration and adopt it into your organization. This is the category of solutions ET Advisory represent​.

Find your profitability opportunities

Product cost and direct material represent your largest profitability opportunities. So stop looking at the price, start with your costs and then set a competitive market price. If you are struggling with low margins, you need to manage cost orchestration in the right way and understand the total price of a product. We’ll find the gaps, and help you balance your organization process and methodology so you can get in control of your profit. Empower your business today with ET Advisory’s services.

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