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We are proud to partner up with scoutbee who is a leading supplier discovery platform founded in 2015.

When was the last time you challenged your supplier?

We are living in a more complex and dynamic world than ever. This puts pressure on procurement teams, who must find ways to optimize category costs, drive innovation, and raise resilience, while at the same time secure that their supply chains are as sustainable as possible. Supplier Scouting is an important part of cost orchestration to source the best suitable suppliers.

If you want to successfully increase profitability, you need to challenge yourself and have knowledge about the supplier landscape in a certain category. Companies need to display a high level of agility when responding to supply chain bottlenecks. 

Unforeseen events, new regulations and demands put pressure on suppliers, and what happens when a supplier can’t reach your compliance? What options do you have? You need to have a tool to find the best suppliers for your needs, to be more competitive and resilient.

ET Advisory partners up with Scoutbee

A part of ET Advisory method is using the latest innovations within cost management. For that reason, we teamed up with Scoutbee. Scoutbee improves supply chain resilience by using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to transform the way organizations use supplier data to discover and connect with suppliers. Together we contribute a holistic approach to more environmentally sustainable and profitable procurement for corporations.

Control the supply chain with Supplier Scouting

Supplier Scouting is an essential part of effective cost orchestration. Using Scoutbee’s tool repeatedly helps customers to have control over the supply chain and be able to fender supply chain bottlenecks that may arise. By learning the market within different categories, procurement teams can avoid bottlenecks that harm your margin. Scoutbees solution significantly simplifies the process of finding new suppliers or understanding which of the existing suppliers they can utilize.

Use Scoutbee’s software in several ways: build new products, find alternative suppliers, find local suppliers, or support suppliers who are more diversified or environmentally friendly.

Overview of supplier options

Proven results – unlocking maximum value

Scoutbees solutions have been proven tenfold. Most recently in March of 2022, when they were granted the Unilever “Partner with Purpose” award, as recognition of how Scoutbee is adding value to their commitment to sustainably growing the Unilever business. With their cloud-based and easy-to-use solution, Scoutbee can minimize the cost of hardware and surrounding software for their customers, while also finding more sustainable supplier options.

ET Advisory founders Tony Bergström and Mats Bergkvist and their team have showcased their expertise in projects with customers such as Electrolux, Northvolt, Volvo, and VOI.

ET Advisory’s expertise in handling complex cost drivers and profitability, together with Scoutbee, offers an ideal combination for unlocking maximum value from their respective solutions.

Identify suppliers at high speed, get valuable insights on cost and profitability

ET Advisory and Scoutbee’s partnership is a close collaboration where both teams work together to find the best possible solutions for their customer’s problems. 

Having the ability to identify suppliers at high speed and having business units outside of procurement involved in the process is key to ET Advisory’s cost orchestration. As a framework, cost orchestration aims to reduce siloed structures within companies. With departments having their own KPIs, companies often lose efficiency – while driving costs at the same time. 

Supplier Scouting not only facilitates the lengthy process of scouting and onboarding suppliers: but it also helps to bring departments and business units closer together, allowing them to monitor the progress of scouting and directly interact with suitable suppliers.

ET Advisory, together with Scoutbee, helps corporations to find the most suitable supplier and valuable insights on cost and profitability when it comes to scouting and sourcing suppliers.

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Scoutbee's Story

Founded in 2015, scoutbee brings together expertise from purchasing, operations, engineering, and data science to transform the way organizations discover and connect with suppliers. Our aim is to deliver the most transparent and valuable view possible of your supplier network.

We understand first hand the complexities and the tedious, manual process involved in traditional ways to find suppliers. For many procurement teams, a lack of holistic insights means huge gains are left untapped. 

That’s why we built our software-as-a-service suite, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. scoutbee makes it easy for you to find and connect with your absolute optimal supplier with the right product – in a matter of days …not months. That’s what we call Smarter Supplier Discovery.

4 Advantages of digital supplier search


AI identifies up to 180 times more suppliers, 75% faster.


Gain deep holistic supplier insights from millions of verified data points.


360° view of your supply base to diversify and strengthen supply networks.


Valuable strategic supplier management – automated, centralized, optimized.

scoutbee's Goals


scoutbee aims to be ’the purchaser’s choice’ for supplier management – making it easy to access any procurement data point from any system, with innovative analytics, match-making, and collaboration.


scoutbee’s vision is to be the world’s richest supplier data pool and match millions of suppliers to billions in spend.

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