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Supplier Digital Logistics

A smart and resilient supply chain

How do you optimize your supply chain?

Logistics is the last piece of the puzzle of cost orchestration, effectively taking control of your supplier network via a digital thread. The challenge today for many companies is that they miscalculate in the planning of their logistics or don’t realise they have no control of their supply chain. When a disruption in occurs in your logistic network, then lack of information and best-in-class alternatives will have a negative impact on your business and margin

For companies that rely on excel sheets to calculate changes due to product delays, changing the pace in the factory or comparing transport alternatives, is not an efficient solution. You need to have the correct data that is up-to-date and in real-time. 


Companies succeeding in this field, are the ones that have total transparency and insight into their supply chain having an effective interplay between procurement and logistics to choose the best alternative. Today you also need to consider the best alternative in terms of sustainability. For example, adjusting and forecasting supply chains for the minimum possible carbon footprint

Supplier digital logistics is an essential part of your profitability

Planning and optimising is everything when it comes to logistics. This is where supplier digital logistics comes in. Supplier digital logistics empowers companies to control and secure a competitive supply chain, and this is a crucial part of your profitability.

ET Advisory is aware of what needs to be done to address the challenges that disrupt the planning of supply and products. We understand your needs and support you with supply chain management and real-time monitoring, to help you avoid unplanned changes or disruptions in the shipping process.

ET Advisory offers digital support optimising supply management, with simulation and transparency of the entire supply chain, you’ll get in control of your logistics and lower your cost most efficiently.

Take control of your profitability

ET Advisory helps to implement supplier digital logistic that suits your business, targeting supply bottlenecks in time, and optimizing the supply and production network for a more sustainable and secure workflow. The result will be a more resilient and smart supply chain, using powerful analysis to make better decisions. ET Advisory’s methodological and structured approach, together with the best tools for supplier digital logistics will give you the strategic, tactical and operational decisions you need to control and plan your supply chain network.

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