Non-linear Performance Pricing

Universal Method

Non-Linear Performance Pricing (NLPP) is a new kind of decision-making approach in purchasing, engineering and sales.


NLPP finally allows a different perspective looking at price & cost in relation to value, benefit & performance.

«Dark Data» to «Smart Data»

NLPP extracts the maximum insight from your product & service price data into highly accurate target price predicting formulas.



21st Century Algorithms

Calculate very precise target prices with worst and best benchmarks for any kind of products and services procured.


Analyze thousands of items in seconds and see potential savings right down to an individual item.

Predictive Analytics

Predict the impact of strategic decisions such as changing suppliers, different quantity allocations or make/buy decisions.


Price / Cost Estimate

Engineers calculate highly precise cost estimates in early development stage when no drawings or BOM is available.

Similar Parts

No matter if you have hundreds or thousands of parts, NLPP can find technically or economically similar parts in seconds.

Product Cost-Performance Effect

Understand how product performance changes impact the cost and which features it makes most sense to focus on.


Value Based Pricing

Sales creates target group specific value based pricing models and shifts discussion about price to value.


Use NLPP precise target price formulas to calculate quotes in seconds and save a lot of time.

Price Consistency

Ensure price consistency for your customer portfolio no matter who calculated a quote or offer.